23rd International Energy and Innovation Forum ( 17-19 Feb, 2016, Visegrad)


The 23rd International Energy and Innovation Forum in Visegrád ended with success!


 We have organized this professional forum for 23rd time and it was closed with success again. There were participants from 12 different countries, nearly 120 people have attend on the event and every day there were 10-12 students from the trade school of Esztergom, and moreover from Stúrovo (Slovakia).

We have welcomed 4 countries from Africa (in high level with embassies and professors), the continent of the future from the aspect of the energy revolution. Morocco, Guinea, Benin and Madagascar also visited the event with diplomatic and professional attendance.

I would like to thank the excellent Hungarian and foreign presenters especially Dr Norbert Kroó, from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Prof. László Csernai from the university of Bergen (Norway), who have analyze many sciences and energetics related questions in their presentations.

The forum worked related to the energy sector and energetics. That means all types of energies and sectors played an important role. Beside the nuclear energy and the state of the fusion reactor improvement, the connection between the shale gas and the really low electricity prices, the electric cars and the smart settlements were also take part in the presentations with the aspect of innovation.

For the firs time the local governments – Nagypáli and Bolhás – get a bigger role and they presented their good practices related to the renewable energy and sustainability.

The professional evening was a further experience, because after the African drummers, singers and belly dancers the participants could dance together.

Another program was the visiting of two professional factories, the Suzuki car factory and the heating power-station in Komarno.

I would like to say thank you to our sponsors, to ETE and its organization in Esztergom and also to the employee of the Sunwo Zrt. who organized an excellent conference again.

At the end of the conference the participants could fill a questionnaire and the answers showed that they would like to meet again next year. So see you in the 24th International Energy and Innovation Forum in Esztergom, in 07-09, March 2017!

Prof. Dr. József Steier

President of the conference



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This improtant event, in which we believe from 23 years, has always upgraded its content and structure, so as to raise its international prestige in the world.

On the three Forum days, the testimony of leading companies and innovative entrepreneurs will demonstrate how Hungary is connected to the international processes of the energy sector and the utilization of renewables.

All together we will discuss the chance that can help our country to exploit roles and facilities.


The conference is made up of the following modules :

• Authorities

• Energy strategy

• International Panorama

•Smart City

•Start-up companies and projects

• Gas Market

• Renewable energy

• Electricity, electric storage

• New transport system: electric car

• Innovations and successful made in Hungary and not only

“By new-way energy developments and innovative systems towards
a sustainable future.”

If you have questions, or need further details, please contact us!